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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Headshot London Photography News in 2013!

As you have probably noticed we have not been publishing on our blog as frequently as we would have wanted to. We have a good excuse - we were very busy!:-)

So what have we done in the last few years? The answer is - Plenty! Probably the best place for latest news would be our main onsite photography blog -

However, for special offers and promotions stay tuned to this blog or alternatively follow us on Facebook where we post something new almost every day -

So a quick digest of everything going on in 2013 are the following events:

April 2013 - The most recent and significant event this year have been a photo shoot of number of celebrities in our photography studio such as Tim Minchin, Michael Palin, Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders photographed by Matt Hoyle. -

March 2013 - Other as important and as significant was the launch of our Videography services. The launch of services was introduced by our first advertisement called - The Wedding Day -

February 2013 - Another significant event was Headshot London's TV appearance in a very popular TV programme called 'Super Scrimpers' that gives advice to everyone on how they could save a lot of money by doing things a little differently. - These are the photos from the show:


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